The Color of Fresh Killed Meat

The color of fresh killed meat. No wonder flies come to visit. Foolish flies. Trap color varies from plant to plant, and is influenced by amount of light, and plant nutrition also.

Bragging: Cobra Nest Patent

  Bragging. We filed and received the world’s first patent for a novel Carnivorous Plant:  “Cobra Nest.”  Easy to grow. Lots of leaves. Great red-brown color.

Feed Me!

  Feed me! Like wide mouthed hungry baby Robins in a nest, these pitchers pose, red lips to the sky, ready to eat. “Come to me, kiss me, land on my lips, my appetizing fly.”

Tunnel of Light

  Dazzling bright “Tunnel of Light” insects see as they die. Stunning. Insects confuse the light from “leaf windows” with an exit, and collapse dead trying to escape through them. Twisted victory. Sarracenia minor.

Small Hips, Red Lips

  Small hips, Red lips. With over 100 species, Nepenthes trap variations are astounding, and often beautiful. But why red? Why ribs on the lips? What survival advantage is gained?

Politicians and Pythons

  Hipsters, ganstas, politicians & pythons. Even Begonias need to blend in to survive. Tough world. New Guinea. Here, neighboring Iron Cross Begonias and  Pythons dress in similar camouflage.

Brown Leaves?

  Why BROWN? Shouldn’t plants be green?  Once I take a peek at a plant’s natural surroundings, a lot of details begin to make sense. Plant Camouflage. Kalanchoe orgyalis from Madagascar.