Venus Flytrap 30/cs

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Our Retail-Ready Venus Flytrap case ships with 30 mature plants, 2 years old, individually packaged in clear terrarium sleeves.

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Each case contains 30 Venus Flytraps grown in 3″ pots with protective packaging.

Venus Flytraps are the “Movie Stars” of the plant world.  Children and gardeners know what they are, and they always attract attention.

This pack is ready to set on a sales counter the moment it arrives.

Clear plastic terrarium sleeves protect the plants from curious fingers, as well as protect the plants against dry air.  Plants can last at least a week without needing water at the point of sale. If they do need water, the entire plastic sleeve is water proof and can be set in a tray of water.

Winter growth tends to be horizontal. Leaves grow close to the soil, perhaps making it easier for their dinner to walk into their traps.  In Summer, leaf form changes. They grow more upright, almost as if the plants are reaching up into the air to catch the flies!

These cases can be shipped FedEx.


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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 21 x 17 x 9 in

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