Pitcher Plant 30/cs

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Carnivorous! Insects fall into the hollow leaves and are digested. Our patented Sarracenia species and hybrids will turn heads with their unusual traps!

Within the US, we ship a mixture of Sarracenia purpurea and our patented hybrid ‘Cobra Nest’ (pat).

While S. purpurea cannot be shipped to Canada due to its endangered status on conservation lists, our hybrid ‘Cobra Nest’ pictured below has received CITES permission for international shipping. ‘Cobra Nest’ stays compact, producing a “nest” of multiple traps, maxing out at about a foot tall, ideal for use as a potted plant. Pitcher Plants are true wonders of nature. 30/cs.

Plants are shipped in plastic pots.  Photo below shows ‘Cobra Nest’ (pat) replanted into a clear glass pot for display.This is the first Carnivorous Plant to be patented. Cobra Nest. Owner, James Booman.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 21 x 17 x 9 in