Bonsai for Desktops 30/cs

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Retail Ready 24 Pack Bonsai Assortment

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Finally, Bonsai for the busy gardener who does not always have time to water their plants. These miniature “Trees” are actually plants which are native to areas of extreme drought and heat, so they can handle occasional neglect. These little Trees are tough, easy to grow –perfect for window sills, and desktops. Great as gifts, they can be tucked into purses, suitcases.

Bonsai in Ceramic Pot

Begonia dregei, replanted into ceramic pot, perfect for desktop

Plants are packed 30 per  case. Each plant is in an 8″ tall clear plastic sleeve to protect the plant during shipping.  These Retail Ready packs can be shipped FedEx at any time of year when temperatures are above freezing.

The Bonsai varieties in this collection vary by season.

Begonia dregei, the Maple Leaf Begonia, grows a thick woody caudex and multiple trunks, giving an ancient tree appearance, “perfect for a hobbit to live under.” This South Africa native has clouds of white flowers in summer.

Serissa foetida, “A Thousand Stars,” flowers look like miniature gardenias, only 1/4″ diameter. They bloom so heavily. Dark green leave frame the flowers.

Serissa “Thousand Stars” close-up

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