Cobra Nest Mature Plant 3 years old
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“Cobra Nest” Pitcher Plant


This offer ships with 4 plants, 2+ years old,  in 3″ pots. Red hooded leaves present a seething Medusa head of snake like growth.  (Photo to left shows mature summer growth on a 3 year old ‘Cobra Nest’ specimen planted into a 6″ pot.)

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A seething red Medusa’s head of snake-like leaves describes “Cobra Nest” perfectly — as its leaf-traps are just a deadly. This is a perfect collection for the Carnivorous Plant enthusiast.

This collection ships with 4 “Cobra Nest” plants, each in its own plastic terrarium box. These are 2 year old plants grown in 3″ pots.

“Cobra Nest” is a rare and beautiful new variety of Pitcher Plant, with a touch of fame. It is the World’s First Patented Sarracenia hybrid. It has distinctive red leaf-tube traps, with diamond shaped hoods. The twisting leaves give the appearance of a basket of snakes, ready to strike. Leaf surfaces are lightly fuzzy to the touch.  It grows rapidly into a dense insect trapping specimen.

While hybrids do sometimes pop up in the wild, we developed “Cobra Nest” ourselves.

The hybrids in our breeding program are more complex than wild ones, with more species involved in the parentage, the result of many years of work. We have selected plants with vigor, interesting colors, and ease of growth. We then propagated them in laboratories to maintain pure stable colors, form, and genetics.

“Cobra Nest” is the only Pitcher Plant we selected to patent as it has truly unique qualities of uniformity, bright color, dense growth, and vigor. It throws out more leaves and faster than any other hybrid Pitcher Plant we have in our collection. It is unlike anything found in nature. And it is beautiful.

“Cobra Nest” traps its meals in the same way as other Pitcher Plants, as described below.

How Pitcher Plants “Eat”

Pitcher Plants are the hungriest and the most successful hunters of the Carnivorous Plant world. By the end of the summer, the specially adapted “leaf tubes” fill inches deep with the dead carcases of insect meals. And they do this without lifting a finger.

The trapping strategy of the Pitcher Plants is simple: “come to me.”  These plants are experts in the art of attraction.

Sarracenia hybridize easily both in nature and in the hands of botanists. We grow many hybrids.  You will recognize the hybrids by the mix of leaf characteristics they show, some from their mother, some from their father. Some often exhibit interesting leaf colors and shapes not found in either parent.

Growth comes to a virtual standstill during the dark cold months of winter. Leaves tend to brown at the edges. New leaves stop emerging from the thick root which grows across the soil.

In March, all this changes.  With the equinox of Spring, and the warmth and long days, the roots push up thick clusters of new leaves and flowers.

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