Carnivorous Assortment 30/cs

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Our Carnivorous Assortment contains 30 plants. Usually the mix includes 50% Venus Flytraps and 50% other Carnivorous varieties such as pitcher plants and octopus plants. Our Assortments vary by the season.



These plants feed themselves!

Always popular with children and plant enthusiasts, this pack is ready to set on a sales counter the moment it arrives.

Vented, clear plastic sleeves protect the plants from curious fingers, as well as protect the plants against dry air.  Plants normally last at least a week without needing water at the point of sale.

We guarantee that each box will contain 15 or more Venus Flytraps as they are the most popular with children.  Depending on what looks best on the day of shipping we will include other Carnivorous Plants, such as the Octopus Plant (Drosera species) and/or Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia species and hybrids).  The exact numbers of each vary week by week.


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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 21 x 17 x 9 in