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Carnivorous Assortment 24/cs


Our Carnivorous Assortment contains 24 mixed varieties. Usually the mix includes 50% Venus Flytraps and 50% other Carnivorous varieties such as pitcher plants and octopus plants. Our Assortments vary by the season.

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Product Description

These plants feed themselves!

Always popular with children and plant enthusiasts, this pack is ready to set on a sales counter the moment it arrives.  “Trapper,” our Cartoon Venus Flytrap, hovers over the display tray, which attracts attention.

24 clear plastic terrarium boxes protect the plants from curious fingers, as well as protect the plants against dry air.  Plants can last at least a week without needing water at the point of sale.

This Assortment varies depending on season and stage of maturity of the plants on the day of shipping.  Normally, each box contains 12 Venus Flytraps and 12 other Carnivorous Plants, such as the Octopus Plant (Drosera species) and Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia species and hybrids).

***2016 Assortment includes 12 Octopus Plants and 12 Pitcher Plants***

Additional Information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 14 x 10 in