Quiver of Cobra

  Ever see a “Quiver” of Cobras? Charming deadly things, these. Sarracenia hybrid ‘Cobra Nest’ (patented)

Bragging: Cobra Nest Patent

  Bragging. We filed and received the world’s first patent for a novel Carnivorous Plant:  “Cobra Nest.”  Easy to grow. Lots of leaves. Great red-brown color.

Natural Rain Gutter

Natural Rain Gutter. Tall Pitcher Plant leaves fall, break when rain water enters. Broken traps = no meal. Nature granted a solution: Leaf modification forms a hat over the trap opening. Note the rear side gutter which drains rain water to the back and away. Good eating, Sarracenia flava.

Natural Leaf Arrangement

  Beautiful natural leaf arrangement. Yellow field. Red veins. Insects are attracted to yellow for some reason. We use yellow colored sticky tapes in the greenhouses, as an example. Yet, few Carnivorous Plants are yellow. Hmmm. These leaves are the back sides of the traps of a Sarracenia hybrid — the “Pitcher Plant.”  

Feed Me!

  Feed me! Like wide mouthed hungry baby Robins in a nest, these pitchers pose, red lips to the sky, ready to eat. “Come to me, kiss me, land on my lips, my appetizing fly.”

Highways to Hades

  Ants crawl along the nectar oozing wavy vertical wings on the upper surface of these tube leaves. When they get to the red lip, kerplop, they slip into the water filled trap. Drowned. Devoured. Pitcher Plant Sarracenia purpurea.

Insect Control for the Front Porch

Novel way to catch flies: hang a Carnivorous Plant Garden on your porch! Rear L to R in circle are red trumpet Sarracenia hybrid, Chartreuse leaf Sarracenia flava, sticky leaved Pinguicula, and a Venus Flytrap. Plant in a mossed basket, in pure peat moss, water with distilled water, and voila!

Tunnel of Light

  Dazzling bright “Tunnel of Light” insects see as they die. Stunning. Insects confuse the light from “leaf windows” with an exit, and collapse dead trying to escape through them. Twisted victory. Sarracenia minor.

False Hope Kills the Fly

  Stupid insect. You enter a dark passage, then battle till death as you flutter up to the light to escape. Can’t you see that these living white “windows” provide no exit? Guess not. False hope kills the fly. Sarracenia minor, a Pitcher Plant.

Sex Trap – Pitcher Plant Flowers

    You see what a bee sees upon entering a Sarracenia flower: a pig wallow of pollen! A simple head push to enter, lift the petal, and its abdomen drags across seed setting magic yellow powder. Petals visually block the entrance once inside (a trick Sarracenia minor repeats with clear windows to trap food […]

Veins that Pulse

Leaf veins glow bright red, seem to pulse with the energy they take from their insect meals. The theory is the opposite though. They may be more like highways to death, leading insects to the trap entrance. I’ve never seen a bug crawl along these “highways” though, so it seems more like speculation to me. […]

Ruby Red Flowers

  Ruby red flowers, so pretty. Leaves so delicately traced with thin blood red lines. Deadly effective leaf  traps. Pitcher Plant Sarracenia rubra.