About Us

Growing plants “On the Edge of Normal”

“Daddy? Will you grow Venus Flytraps for me?”

A father’s desire to grow a few pet plants for his children grew into a nursery with the reputation of being the “World’s Largest Grower of Carnivorous Plants.” Xtreem Plants was born.

“Unless your plant sells in high volume, we are not interested in buying it from you,” one mass market buyer bluntly told me.

We stubbornly work opposite the trend to sell only common plants.  We focus on Carnivorous Plants, fragrant plants, and plants with amazing adaptation.

Our Goals:

  • Spark young people’s interest in the green world.
  • Delight adults with items they may not have seen.
  • Provide gift items for the hard to shop for people.

Zoning at our location prohibits retail sales.  Our products are only available through retail stores which carry the Xtreem Plants line, or from this website.

This site is designed for wholesale buyers who need to purchase only a few cases of products shipped via FedEx.  For larger wholesale orders, please contact us to quote truck freight and pricing to your distribution facility or stores.

 WELCOME and enjoy shopping

Xtreem Plant Collections


 Endangered Species Protection

Most Carnivorous Plants have an “Endangered” status worldwide. Habitat loss is pushing some varieties toward extinction. When you buy Carnivorous Plants from Xtreem Plants® you have the peace of mind of knowing that 100% of our Carnivorous Plants are grown right here in our greenhouses in Southern California. None were removed from endangered wild sites.  CITES US839095

XtreemPlants.com is the online sales division of Booman Floral, Inc. Xtreem Plants ™ is registered trademark of Booman Floral, Inc. Booman Floral, Inc. has been growing unusual plants in Southern California since 1990.