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"Shoo Fly, Don't bother me!" Offer customers a smile and a natural fly control, Venus Flytraps. Try our other amazing plants also. Unusual plants simply aren't available locally to most retailers. The GOOD NEWS: our collections can be shipped direct from our nursery to your business... anywhere in the USA! Each collection comes in it's own eye-catching retail-ready display.

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Carnivorous Xtreem Display

Carnivorous Assortment

Our Carnivorous Assortment contains 24 mixed varieties, including 50% Venus Flytraps, and 50% other Carnivorous varieties. Other varieties include pitcher plants, octopus plants, or starfish plants (selection varies by season).

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Retail Ready Collections

Offer your customers something truly unique and unusual! Our Retail Ready Collections of intriguing, hard-to-find live plants arrive packaged in their own point-of-purchase display. Order today and watch your sales blossom!

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Today in the greenhouse…

Ric Rac is covered with flower buds.

Ric Rac is covered with flower buds

Anticipation. The Ric Rac hanging baskets outside our office are loaded with flower buds.  These are reliable bloomers, … More

Exotic Carnivorous Plants

Xtreem Plants offers access to the World's Largest Collection of Carnivorous Plants. These rare insect-eating plants are endangered in the wild, but ours are propogated in our own state-of-the-art, environmentally-sound nursery.

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