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"Shoo Fly, Don't bother me!" Offer customers a smile and a natural fly control -- Venus Flytraps!

Our experience and packaging allows us to ship unusual plants to your business anywhere in the US.

Why choose Xtreem Plants?

Carnivorous Xtreem Display

Carnivorous Assortment 24/cs

Our Carnivorous Assortment contains 24 mixed varieties. Usually the mix includes 50% Venus Flytraps and 50% other Carnivorous varieties such as pitcher plants and octopus plants. Our Assortments vary by the season.


Retail Ready Collections

Offer your customers something truly unique and unusual! Our Retail Ready Collections of intriguing, hard-to-find plants safely arrive at your door, packaged in colorful point-of-purchase displays. Our proven packaging extends shelf life, giving better sell through. Order today and watch your sales blossom!

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